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The Antioxidant Glycolysis Inhibitor (Citric Acid) Induces a Dose-dependent Caspase-mediated Apoptosis and Necrosis in Glioma Cells
Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment. 2018, 6(1), 18-24. DOI: 10.12691/jcrt-6-1-4
Pub. Date: March 21, 2018Views: 10967Downloads: 9289
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Open AccessCase Report
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Radiologic Evaluation of Patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme who Initially Presented with Ischemic Stroke: A Case Series
American Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2017, 5(1), 8-11. DOI: 10.12691/ajmcr-5-1-3
Pub. Date: February 05, 2017Views: 10862Downloads: 8706
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Pharmacological Double Inhibition of Glycolysis in glioblastoma Multiforme Cells Maximizes Cancer Cell Killing: A Synergism between Citrate and 3-bromopyruvate
American Journal of Pharmacological Sciences. 2020, 8(1), 1-6. DOI: 10.12691/ajps-8-1-1
Pub. Date: January 20, 2020Views: 2421Downloads: 2444
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