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Turkish Journal of Analysis and Number Theory. 2013, 1(1), 23-25
DOI: 10.12691/tjant-1-1-6
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The Helix Relation between Two Curves


1Department of Mathematics, University of Gaziantep, Gaziantep, Turkey

2Department of Mathematics, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey

Pub. Date: September 23, 2013
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Recent developments in the areas of mathematics)

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İLKAY ARSLAN GÜVEN and YUSUF YAYLI. The Helix Relation between Two Curves. Turkish Journal of Analysis and Number Theory. 2013; 1(1):23-25. doi: 10.12691/tjant-1-1-6


In this study, we give the relation of being general helix and slant helix of two curves by using the equation between them. Also we find some results and express the characterizations of these curves.

general helix Frenet frame Bertrand mates

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