Uplink LTE-A Performance Improvement Using Synchronous Direct and Multi-hop Transmission
Ehab H. Abdelhay, Fayez W. Zaki, Sherif S. Kishk, Hossam S. Moustafa
Digital Technologies. 2015 1 (1). doi: 10.12691/dt-1-1-9
Keywords: LTE-A, Multi-hop Network, Uplink LTE-A, RS positioning, AMC, MIMO, Link overflow, SDMT
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Are Our Students Digitally Ready for HE Study? Exploring Student Attitudes to Blended Online Study in a Campus-Based University
Amanda Jefferies
American Journal of Educational Research. 2015 3 (9). doi: 10.12691/education-3-9-6
Keywords: pedagogy, digital competence, student experience, technology ownership
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Elemental (Macro- and Microelements) and Amino Acid Profile of Milk Proteins Commercialized in Brazil and Their Nutritional Value
Sabrina Vieira da Silva, Rochele Sogari Picolotto, Roger Wagner, Neila Silvia Peireira dos Santos Richards, Juliano Smanioto Barin
Journal of Food and Nutrition Research. 2015 3 (7). doi: 10.12691/jfnr-3-7-4
Keywords: essential and non-essential amino acids, macro- and microelements, composition, dairy products
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Prevalence and Antimicrobial Resistance Phenotype of Enteric Bacteria from a Municipal Dumpsite
Kilaza Samson Mwaikono, Solomon Maina, Paul Gwakisa
Journal of Applied & Environmental Microbiology. 2015 3 (3). doi: 10.12691/jaem-3-3-4
Keywords: Enteric bacteria, pigs, antibiotic resistance, Municipal dumpsite, solid wastes
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Production of Japanese Rice through Contract Farming System in Wiang Pa Pao District, Chiang Rai Province, Thailand
Kanokon Seemanon, Masahiro Yamao, Kenji Hosono
American Journal of Rural Development. 2015 3 (2). doi: 10.12691/ajrd-3-2-4
Keywords: contract farming, Japanese rice, stakeholders, agricultural marketing, agricultural economics
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Impact of Urban Livestock Production on Groundwater Quality in Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria
Terrumun Kenneth Kwadzah, Oliver Terna Iorhemen, Charles Amen Okuofu
American Journal of Water Resources. 2015 3 (4). doi: 10.12691/ajwr-3-4-2
Keywords: abattoir, groundwater quality, Kaduna metropolis, livestock-keeping households, urban livestock production, wells
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Syntactic and Semantic Relationships in Models of Complex Systems: An Ecological Case
José Luis Usó-Doménech, Josué-Antonio Nescolarde-Selva, Miguel Lloret-Climent
American Journal of Systems and Software. 2015 3 (4). doi: 10.12691/ajss-3-4-1
Keywords: complex system, flow equations, mathematical model, seme, sememe, state equations, transformed function
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Extra-Ocular Sebaceous Carcinoma of the Skin: A Report of Five Cases and a Review of the Literature
Mariem MOHAMED, Lobna BOUSSOFARA, Abdlefaddeh SLAMA, Mohamed DENGUEZLI, Colandane BELAJOUZA, Bedreddine SRIHA, Najet GHARIANI, Rafiaa NOUIRA
American Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2015 3 (9). doi: 10.12691/ajmcr-3-9-8
Keywords: sebaceous adenocarcinoma, extra ocular sebaceous carcinoma, skin cancer, prognosis, surgery
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Listening Enhancement: Converting Input into Intake
Li-ling Chuang, Cindy Wang
American Journal of Educational Research. 2015 3 (9). doi: 10.12691/education-3-9-5
Keywords: contextual story grammar mapping, listening comprehension, Reading-While-Listening
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Delineation of Crustal Structure at VLC Seismographic Station Using Joint Inversion of Receiver Functions and Dispersion Data
Ohaegbuchu H. E., Igboekwe M. U., Chukwu G. U.
Journal of Geosciences and Geomatics. 2015 3 (4). doi: 10.12691/jgg-3-4-3
Keywords: delineation, joint inversion, receiver functions, dispersion data, dispersion curves, crustal structure
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