Special Issue Title Chief Guest Editor Submission Deadline
Hybrid Perovskite materials Cliff Orori Mosiori April 30, 2017
Fractional Calculus and Its Applications Prof. Ali-Hassan Bhrawy April 30, 2017
Analytical Chemistry Dr. Pradeep Singour April 30, 2017
Recent Advance in Waste Water Treatment Maulin P. Shah April 30, 2017
Synthetic Chemistry with Main Group Elements Subrata Shaw May 01, 2017
Geology and Environmental Engineering Prof. Tarun Kumar Lohani May 15, 2017
Subjects, policies, curriculum and learning in a post-critical approach: some Brazilian studies on education Luiz Artur dos Santos Cestari May 31, 2017
The link between Politics, Philosophy and Life. An investigation into the paradox of biopolitical government Daniel Nery da Cruz May 31, 2017
Toxicology, Ecotoxicology and pathology Professor Rachid ROUABHI May 31, 2017
Crystalline Cellulose: The Magic Industrial Material. Dr. Sherif Shawky Zaki Hindi May 31, 2017
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Epidemiological Data, Disease Manifestations, and Recent Advances in Treatment Dr. Raouf HAJJI, MD June 01, 2017
Inheritance Study of Field Crops Ujjawal Kumar Singh Kushwaha June 05, 2017
Anti-crisis and post-crisis policy processes - Challenges of economic science Guest Editor: Ivan B. Markovic June 10, 2017
Cloud Computing and Its Security Prof. Mehdi Darbandi June 20, 2017
Potential pharmacological intervention in hepatocellular carcinoma Dr Sherin Zakaria Mohammed June 27, 2017
Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials Dr Abderrahim GUITTOUM June 30, 2017
Innovation in Medical Education for the Future Prof Randa Mostafa June 30, 2017
Interface Engineering for Device Technology Carlos Enrique Schvezov June 30, 2017
Healing Power of Herbal Remedy on Health Dr. Suresh G Killedar June 30, 2017
Recent Advances in II-VI Quantum Dots and Their Applications in Optoelectronic Devices S. Wageh June 30, 2017
New Researches Renewable Energy Guest Editor: Guest EditorProf. Girish E. Bhiogade June 30, 2017
Solidification of Aluminum Alloys Alicia Esther Ares June 30, 2017
Journal of Machining Science and Wear Technology Guest Editor: Guest EditorKashfull Orra June 30, 2017
Sustainable Food Supply with Functional and Essential Nutrients Necla Çağlarirmak July 30, 2017
Watershed hydrology and Geographical information system Dr.GHASSAN ADHAM AL-DULAIMI July 30, 2017
Overtraining – That syndrome can affect everyone! André Luiz Estrela July 31, 2017
Biological studies of medicinal plants, natural products, pharmacological studies Nawal Mohamed July 31, 2017
The Internet of Things: Concept, Application and Security Milica D. Djekic August 01, 2017
Sustainable Consumption and Consumer Protection in Emerging Economies Dr. Basanta Kumar August 10, 2017
Cutaneous Lupus Prof.Leelavathy Budamakuntla August 15, 2017
Water Resources Assessment, Management and modeling Dr. Golekar R. B. August 31, 2017
New Researches Renewable Energy
Special Issue in Sustainable Energy
Guest Editor: Zaki Haddad September 01, 2017
Recent Advances in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research Dr. Ahmed M. Nahhas September 01, 2017
Application of Advanced Control Techniques in Wind Turbines Prof. AbdelGhani AISSAOUI September 15, 2017
The New Paradigm to Global Sustainable Development: Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Innovation and New Generation Technologies Aslı Öztopcu September 15, 2017
Teaching Chemistry is Associated with Reality Cao Cu Giac, Asso.Prof.Dr., September 20, 2017
Recent Trends in Foreign Language Training: Theory and Practice Dr. Nataliia Fominykh October 10, 2017
Recent trends in fluid dynamics M. Jayachandra Babu October 15, 2017
Strategic Management, Sustainable Tourism, Eco-tourism, Human Resources Management; Co-management; Tourist Behavior, Customer behavior, Organization Behavior Assoc. Prof. Hengky, S. H. November 10, 2017
Longevity Risk and Insurance Marta Borda November 10, 2017
Plantar Fascia Thickness and Rehabilitation Sedegheh MalekMohammadi April 10, 2018