Journal of Automation and Control
ISSN (Print): 2372-3033 ISSN (Online): 2372-3041 Website: Editor-in-chief: Santosh Nanda
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Aims and Scope

Journal of Automation and Control is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that provides rapid publication of articles in all areas of automation and control. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of automation and control.
Subject areas include, but are not limited to the following fields:
  • Adaptive control
  • Computational intelligence
  • Computer Controlled Systems
  • Computing & Communications
  • Decentralized Control
  • Discrete Event Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Embedded Control Systems
  • Fault Tolerant Control
  • Fuzzy Systems
  • Genetic & Evolutionary Computation
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Image Processing
  • Industrial Automation, Manufacturing
  • Integrated Manufacturing
  • Intelligent Control Systems
  • Linear Systems
  • Micro and Nano Systems
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Networked Control Systems
  • Neural Networks
  • Nonlinear Systems and Control
  • Optimal Control
  • Power Systems
  • Predictive Control
  • Process control & Instrumentation
  • Real-time control
  • Robotics
  • Robust Control
  • Spectral Estimation
  • Swarms Robotics
  • Unmanned Systems
  • Virtual Reality
  • Wireless Sensor Network