Turkish Journal of Analysis and Number Theory
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Editorial Board


Mehmet Acikgoz
University of Gaziantep,  Turkey
E-mail: acikgoz@gantep.edu.tr
Research Interests: Quantum calculus-Umbral and Fractional Calculus - p-adic Analysis - 2-normed and 2-Banach spaces in functional spaces - Analytic Numbers Theory - Approximation Theory
Prof. Feng Qi
Henan Polytechnic University,  China
E-mail: qifeng618@gmail.com
Research Interests: Approximation Theory, Asymptotic Analysis, Classical Mathematical Analysis, Combinatorics, Completely Monotonic Functions, Differential Geometry, Mathematics Education, Number Theory, Numerical Integration, Theory of Complex Functions, Theory of Convex Functions, Theory of Integral Transforms, Theory of Mathematical Inequalities, Theory of Mathematical Mean Values, Theory of Special Functions
Prof. Dr. Cenap ozel
Dokuz Eylul University,  Turkey
E-mail: cenap.ozel@gmail.com
Research Interests: Generalized Topological Structures and Generalized Topological Groups, Applied Algebra and Symbolic Computations, Algebraic Topology

Assistant Editor

Erdoğan Şen
Namik Kemal University,  Turkey
E-mail: erdogan.math@gmail.com
Research Interests: Sturm-Liouville Problems, Fractional Differential Equations, Analytic Number Theory, p-adic analysis.
Ugur Duran
Iskenderun Technical University,  Turkey
E-mail: mtdrnugur@gmail.com
Research Interests: Special functions and polynomials, Number Theory, q-analysis and q-series

Honorary Editors

R. P. Agarwal
Kingsville, TX,  United States
M. E. H. Ismail
University of Central Florida,  United States
Assoc. Prof. Tamer Yilmaz
Hasan Kalyoncu University,  Turkey
H. M. Srivastava
Victoria, BC,  Canada


Prof. Henry W. Gould
West Virginia University,  United States
E-mail: gould@math.wvu.edu
Research Interests: Enumerative combinatorics, Combinatorial number theory, Special functions of mathematical physics, Combinatorial identities
Ilwoo Cho
St. Ambrose University,  United States
E-mail: choilwoo@sau.edu
Research Interests: Operator Theory, Free Probability, Dynamical Systems, p-adic & Adelic Analysis
Abdelmejid Bayad
Université d'éry Val d'Essonne,  France
E-mail: abayad@maths.univ-evry.fr
Research Interests: Number Theory
Hassen Aydi
Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Industrial Jubail,  Saudi Arabia
E-mail: hmaydi@iau.edu.sa
Research Interests: Partial Differential Equations, Variational Methods, Fixed Point Theory, Optimization, Nonlinear Analysis, Operator Theory
Dr. C. S. Ryoo
Hannam University,  South Korea
E-mail: ryoocs@hnu.kr
Research Interests: The Numerical Verification Method, Scientific Computing and p-adic Functional Analysis
Dr. Junesang Choi
Dongguk University,  South Korea
E-mail: junesang@mail.dongguk.ac.kr
Research Interests: Analytic number theory and Complex analysis (Riemann and Hurwitz Zeta and related functions, Euler sums) -Special functions (hypergeometric functions and generalizations, Gamma and related functions)
Dae San Kim
Sogang University,  South Korea
E-mail: dskim@sogang.ac.kr
Research Interests: Number Theory (Exponential Sums, Modular Forms, Zeta Functions) and Coding Theory
Taekyun Kim
Kwangwoon University,  South Korea
E-mail: kwangwoonmath@hanmail.net
Research Interests: Number Theory, Special Function, Umbral Calculus, Mathematical Physics
Prof. Guotao Wang
Shanxi Normal University,  China
E-mail: wgt2512@163.com
Research Interests: initial and boundary value problems for differential equations (ordinary, functional, with deviating arguments, neutral, integral, integro-differential, impulsive, dynamic, and fractional), nonlinear analysis, inequalities.
Assoc. Prof. Yuan He
Kunming University of Science and Technology,  China
E-mail: hyyhe@aliyun.com
Research Interests: Special polynomials, Analytic number theory
Dr. Aleksandar Ivıc ́
Katedra Matematike RGF-A Universiteta U Beogradu,  Serbia
E-mail: ivic@rgf.bg.ac.rs
Research Interests: Arithmetical Functions, Zeta-Function Theory, Theory of Mean Values, Divisor Functions
Prof. Dr. Cristinel Mortici
Valahia University of Targoviste,  Romania
E-mail: cristinel.mortici@hotmail.com
Research Interests: Approximation Theory, Asymptotic Analysis, Mathematical Analysis, Functional Analysis, Convex Functions, Integral Transforms, Inequalities, Special Functions
Dr. Ünal Ufuktepe
Izmir University of Economics,  Turkey
E-mail: unal.ufuktepe@ieu.edu.tr
Research Interests: Discrete dynamical systems, biomathematics, time scales, computational mathematics.
Dr. Cemil Tunc
Yuzuncu Yil University,  Turkey
E-mail: cemtunc@yahoo.com
Research Interests: Ordinary Differential Equations, Functional Differential Equations, Integral Equations, Functional Integral Equations
Prof. Dr. Abdullah Özbekler
Atilim University,  Turkey
E-mail: aozbekler@gmail.com
Research Interests: Differential Equations, Dynamic Equations, Impulsive Differential Equations, Fuctional Differential Equations
Prof. Dr. Donal O'Regan
National University of Ireland,  Ireland
E-mail: donal.oregan@nuigalway.ie
Research Interests: Nonlinear Analysis
Prof. Dr. S. A. Mohiuddine
King Abdulaziz University,  Saudi Arabia
E-mail: mohiuddine@gmail.com
Research Interests: Sequence Spaces, Matrix Transformations, Summability Theory, Approximation Theory, Measures of Noncompactness
Prof. Dr. Dumitru Baleanu
Çankaya University,  Turkey
E-mail: dumitru@cankaya.edu.tr
Research Interests: Fractional Calculus and its applications, Discrete Mathematics, Quantisation of the systems with constraints; Hamilton-Jacobi formalism, Geometries admitting generic and non-generic symmetries, The Wavelet method and its applications, Dynamic Systems on Time Scales
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sinan CEVIK
Selcuk University,  Turkey
E-mail: ahmetsinancevik@gmail.com
Research Interests: Combinatorial and Geometric Group, Semigroup Theory, Spectral and Algebraic Graph Theory
Dr. Yasar Sozen
Hacettepe University,  Turkey
E-mail: ysozen@hacettepe.edu.tr
Research Interests: Topology
I. Naci Cangul
Uludag University,  Turkey
E-mail: ncangul@gmail.com
Research Interests: Number Theory, Discrete Groups, Modular Group, Picard Group and Subgroups of Hecke Groups, Elliptic Curves, Diophantine Equations, graph theory, topological graph indices
Assoc. Prof. Ayhan Esi
Malatya Turgut Ozal University,  Turkey
E-mail: aesi23@hotmail.com
Research Interests: Summability Theory, series, sequences, fuzzy mathematics
Assoc. Prof. Mahir Kadakal
Bayburt University ,  Turkey
E-mail: mahirkadakal@gmail.com
Research Interests: Ordinary Differential Equations, Sturm-Liouville Problems, Theory of Convex Functions, Theory of Mathematical Inequalities
Assoc. Prof. Imdat Iscan
Giresun University,  Turkey
E-mail: imdati@yahoo.com
Research Interests: Mathematical Analysis, Functional Analysis, Theory of Convex Functions, Theory of Mathematical Inequalities, Theory of Special Functions
Dr. M. Tamer Kosan
Gebze Institute of Technology,  Turkey
E-mail: mtkosan@gyte.edu.tr
Research Interests: Algebra, Theory of Rings and Modules; Line Theory
Dr. Sertan Alkan
Iskenderun Technical University,  Turkey
E-mail: sertan.alkan@iste.edu.tr
Research Interests: Approximation Theory, Fractional Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Initial and Boundary Value Problems for Differential and Integro-Differential Equations.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ekrem Savas
Istanbul Commerce University,  Turkey
E-mail: ekremsavas@yahoo.com
Research Interests: Summability Theory, Sequence Spaces
Dr. Hanifa Zekraoui
Oum-El-Bouaghi University,  Algeria
E-mail: hanifazekraoui@yahoo.fr
Research Interests: General Algebra (Theory of Groups, Theory of Rings, Algebraic Extensions, Algebraic Theory of Numbers), Linear Algebra (Vector Spaces, Matrix Theory, Diagonalization of Endomorphism, Bilinear forms, quadratic forms), Affine Geometry, Analytic Geometry, General Topology (Topological Spaces, Metric Spaces, Normed Spaces)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Merad Ahcene
Laboratory of Dynamical Systems and Control, University of Oum El Bouaghi,  Algeria
E-mail: merad_ahcene@yahoo.fr
Research Interests: PDE, Nonlocal problemes, Fractional calculs
Huriye Kadakal
Bayburt University,  Turkey
E-mail: huriyekadakal@hotmail.com
Research Interests: Theory of Convex Functions, Theory of Mathematical Inequalities
Dr. Siraj Uddin
University of Malaya,  Malaysia
E-mail: siraj.ch@gmail.com
Research Interests: Geometry, Topology and Manifolds
Dr. Rabha W. Ibrahim
University of Malaya,  Malaysia
E-mail: rabhaibrahim@um.edu.my
Research Interests: Complex Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Signal and Digital Image Processing
Adem Kilicman
University Putra Malaysia,  Malaysia
E-mail: akilicman@putra.upm.edu.my
Research Interests: Functional Analysis and Topology, Integral Transforms, Special Functions and Differential Equations
Assoc. Prof. Armen Bagdasaryan
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow,  Russia
E-mail: abagdasari@hotmail.com
Research Interests: number theory, analysis, combinatorics, umbral calculus, coding theory, control theory, topology, mathematical physics, complex systems modeling and computer simulation, discrete mathematics and its applications, computer science
Dr. Viorica Mariela Ungureanu
University Constantin Brancusi,  Romania
E-mail: vio@utgjiu.ro
Research Interests: Stochastic control and stochastic stability
Dr. Valentina Emilia Balas
“Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad,  Romania
E-mail: balas@drbalas.ro
Research Interests: Intelligent systems, Soft computing, Fuzzy control, Modeling and simulation, Nonlinear systems
Poom Kumam
King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi,  Thailand
E-mail: poom.kumam@mail.kmutt.ac.th
Research Interests: fixed-point theory, variational analysis, random operator theory, optimization theory, and approximation theory
Dr. R.K Raina
M.P. Univ. of Agriculture and Technology,  India
E-mail: rkraina_7@hotmail.com
Research Interests: Special functions, Integral Transforms,
Dr. M. Mursaleen
Aligarh Muslim University,  India
E-mail: mursaleenm@gmail.com
Research Interests: Functional Analysis, Real Analysis, Sequence Spaces, Matrix Transformations, Fuzzy Metric Spaces, Measures of Noncompactness, Fourier, Walsh-Fourier Series and Wavelets, Stability of Functional Equations, Fixed Point Theory, Approximation Theory
Dr. Vijay Gupta
Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology,  India
E-mail: vijaygupta2001@hotmail.com
Research Interests: Approximation Theory
Dr. Akbar Azam
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology,  Pakistan
E-mail: akbarazam@yahoo.com
Research Interests: Fixed Point Theory and Its Applications, Fuzzy Set Theory, Ordered Vector Spaces and Linear Operators, Best Approximations
Assoc. Prof. Moiz-ud-din Khan
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology,  Pakistan
E-mail: moiz@comsats.edu.pk
Research Interests: Topological Groups and their generalizations, Fuzzy Topology, Selection Principles and Topological Game Theory, Bitopological Spaces and their generalizations, Minimal Structures, Topological Vector Spaces.
Dr. Roberto B. Corcino
Cebu Normal University,  Philippines
E-mail: rcorcino@yahoo.com
Research Interests: Enumerative and Analytic Combinatorics, Asymptotic Analysis, Number Theory