Journal of Applied & Environmental Microbiology
ISSN (Print): 2373-6747 ISSN (Online): 2373-6712 Website: Editor-in-chief: Sankar Narayan Sinha
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Aims and Scope

Journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology (JAEM) publishes papers that make significant contributions to (a) applied microbiology, including biotechnology, protein engineering, bioremediation, and food microbiology, (b) microbial ecology, including environmental, organismic, and genomic microbiology, and (c) interdisciplinary microbiology, including invertebrate microbiology, plant microbiology, aquatic microbiology, and geomicrobiology.
Subject areas include, but are not limited to the following fields:
  • Biodegradation
  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Enzymology and Protein Engineering
  • Evolutionary and Genomic Microbiology
  • Food Microbiology
  • Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Geomicrobiology
  • Invertebrate Microbiology
  • Methods
  • Microbial Ecology
  • Mycology
  • Physiology
  • Plant Microbiology
  • Public Health Microbiology