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International Journal of Physics. 2018, 6(1), 18-25
DOI: 10.12691/ijp-6-1-4
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G Super-Complex Space-Time Theory

Guan Yiying1, , Guan Tianyu2, Yang Fan1, Dai Qing1 and Zhang Yang1

1Heilongjiang Meteorological Bureau, China

2University of Toronto M5S2E8 canada

Pub. Date: January 22, 2018

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Guan Yiying, Guan Tianyu, Yang Fan, Dai Qing and Zhang Yang. G Super-Complex Space-Time Theory. International Journal of Physics. 2018; 6(1):18-25. doi: 10.12691/ijp-6-1-4


The real and imaginary parts of complex physical quantities reflect the mutual contradictory relationship within the unity, including the unity and opposition, correlation dependence and mutual transformation. The quarks, leptons, fermions and bosons are same particles at different kinestate in complex space-time. The velocity vector generated by the rotation of the particles in the complex space distracts the time dimension, the vector forms the weak charge in the space projection; its rotary angular velocity vector distracts the energy dimension, the vector forms the mass charge in the space projection; Its rotary centripetal acceleration vector distracts the space dimension to form the electric charge; the acceleration jerk (variation of acceleration) generated by the rotation of the vector distracts the color dimension, the vector forms the color charge in the space projection; the projections of the electric charge, mass charge, color charge and weak charge into the 3D space form the three-nature (positive, negative and neutral electrodes), three-generation, three-boson and the past, present and future of particles; the empty space is a zero rest mass, linear and superposed, non-dispersive, holographic and open string boson state; the charge, rest mass and gravity are all changed with the temperature and kinematic velocity of particles. The universe is holographic, bounded and boundless. All information within the universe can be saved in the form of holographic image produced by the wave interference onto the horizon-surface, where the substances establish universal relation with those (mainly as the fermion state) in the universe by means of quantum entanglement.

G super complex space-time G complex space-time G atomic model G particle model G coordinate system s coordinate system four element model number: P14

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