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Journal of City and Development. 2023, 5(1), 1-11
DOI: 10.12691/jcd-5-1-1
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Historical Background of Cherokee County and Its Natural Connection with Physical Activity

Heather R. Burton1, Emma Padgett1, Ben Gahlert1, Taylin O. Jean1, Lauren A. Baker1, Sarah L Johnson1 and M. Felicia Cavallini1,

1Limestone University, United States

Pub. Date: January 12, 2023

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Heather R. Burton, Emma Padgett, Ben Gahlert, Taylin O. Jean, Lauren A. Baker, Sarah L Johnson and M. Felicia Cavallini. Historical Background of Cherokee County and Its Natural Connection with Physical Activity. Journal of City and Development. 2023; 5(1):1-11. doi: 10.12691/jcd-5-1-1


South Carolina is a state that is rich in American history, and one of the thirteen original American colonies. Cherokee County boasts the unique quality of having three nationally recognized parks including Cowpens National Battlefield, King’s Mountain National Battlefield, and the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail. To understand how special this feature is to Cherokee County, one must first understand the historical significance of this area of South Carolina, including the nature of the South Carolina backcountry, the life of its citizens, and the battlefields themselves. Numerous studies have shown that human interaction with nature is beneficial for health, as well as the community itself. In addition to physical health, walking in historical sites surrounded by nature is also beneficial for mental health. Natural settings offer sensory inputs that are both mentally restorative and foster creativity within the community. Long-distance walking has the potential to be a non-pharmacological, treatment option for mental illness and/ or distress. This form of exercise may be especially beneficial for those who have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety. In addition, walking groups have been seen to be associated with a reduction in depression scores suggesting that a viable treatment option for those with diagnosed depression could include group or individual walking. Moreover, the attraction of historical walking tours is a huge economic benefit for communities. Many times, communities can take advantage of history and its connections through the use of festivals and gatherings. There are many things to consider when beginning to plan a heritage celebration community event. Overall, the business plan should be used to organize, design, and schedule every aspect of the community event. These festivals bring local community members together and can become a tourist attraction bringing others in from far away which promotes social, economic, and cultural benefits to an event. This paper aims to demonstrate how American historical events can connect with the promotion of physical and mental health, inspire civic pride and togetherness, and fuel a community celebration event. The history of our American Revolution in Cherokee County, followed by the physical and mental behavioral benefits historical parks and trails can provide, continuing with the importance of cultivating people’s pride in regional history and ending with planning successfully for a local Revolutionary War celebration will be presented.

American Revolutionary War Cherokee County South Carolina physical activity long distance walking mental health planning a heritage celebration community event

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