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Michell, J. (1784). “On the Means of Discovering the Distance, Magnitude, &c. of the Fixed Stars, in Consequence of the Diminution of the Velocity of Their Light, in Case Such a Diminution Should be Found to Take Place in any of Them, and Such Other Data Should be Procured from Observations, as Would be Farther Necessary for That Purpose”. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society 74 (0): 35-57.

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Unified Field Theory and the Hierarchical Universe

1Wayne State University, Detroit

2Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China

3Deerfield High School, Deerfield

International Journal of Physics. 2013, Vol. 1 No. 6, 162-170
DOI: 10.12691/ijp-1-6-5
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Zhiliang Cao, Henry Gu Cao. Unified Field Theory and the Hierarchical Universe. International Journal of Physics. 2013; 1(6):162-170. doi: 10.12691/ijp-1-6-5.

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Everything from the smallest particle to the grand universe is constructed by Torque Grids. The grand structure of the universe is made up of infinite hierarchical Torque Grids; this theory falsifies Big Bang Theory (BBT) and Black Hole Theory. A Torque Grid is 10-25 times smaller than an atom, and our universal Torque Grid size is 4.98 * 1026 m. The Universe is timeless. The configuration of Spiral Arm Galaxy can also be explained by Unified Field Theory.