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Measurement of Physical Activity in Adults with Muscular Dystrophy: A Systematic Review
Journal of Physical Activity Research. 2019, 4(1), 1-25. DOI: 10.12691/jpar-4-1-1
Pub. Date: December 18, 2018Views: 6218Downloads: 4648
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Celiac Disease Associated with Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy
International Journal of Celiac Disease. 2015, 3(4), 162-164. DOI: 10.12691/ijcd-3-4-9
Pub. Date: November 16, 2015Views: 9283Downloads: 6440
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Severe Cardiomyopathy from Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy: A Nidus for a Catastrophic Cascade
American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research. 2016, 4(1), 7-10. DOI: 10.12691/ajcdr-4-1-2
Pub. Date: June 01, 2016Views: 9697Downloads: 7105
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