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Assessment of Farmers’ Perceptions about Soil Fertility with Different Management Practices in Small Holder Farms of Abuhoy Gara Catchemnt, Gidan District, North Wollo
American Journal of Environmental Protection. 2015, 3(4), 137-144. DOI: 10.12691/env-3-4-4
Pub. Date: June 23, 2015Views: 26590Downloads: 21244Citations: 2
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Smallholder Farmers’ Perceptions and Responses to Climate Change in Multi-stressor Environments: The Case of Maasai Agro-pastoralists in Kenya’s Rangelands
American Journal of Rural Development. 2017, 5(4), 110-116. DOI: 10.12691/ajrd-5-4-4
Pub. Date: September 28, 2017Views: 8277Downloads: 6101
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Rice Farmers’ Perceptions and Adaptations to Precipitation and Temperature Variability in Trieu Phong District, Vietnam
Applied Ecology and Environmental Sciences. 2019, 7(3), 85-90. DOI: 10.12691/aees-7-3-1
Pub. Date: June 10, 2019Views: 4835Downloads: 3626
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