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Dietary Habits, BMI, and Demographic Characteristics affect the Academic Performance of University Students in Saudi Arabia: A Cross-sectional Study
Journal of Food and Nutrition Research. 2021, 9(3), 136-141. DOI: 10.12691/jfnr-9-3-5
Pub. Date: March 18, 2021Views: 1994Downloads: 2867
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Sociodemographic Predictors of Physical Inactivity in Montana Adults
Journal of Physical Activity Research. 2021, 6(2), 122-125. DOI: 10.12691/jpar-6-2-9
Pub. Date: October 08, 2021Views: 305Downloads: 291
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Effect of Malnutrition on Health Status of Child-bearing Women in Nigeria
Journal of Food Security. 2018, 6(2), 74-78. DOI: 10.12691/jfs-6-2-4
Pub. Date: July 27, 2018Views: 6647Downloads: 5857
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Principal Component Analysis of Factors Affecting CD 4 Count Level of HIV/AIDS Patients at Mainland Hospital Yaba, Lagos Nigeria
American Journal of Medical Sciences and Medicine. 2016, 4(1), 11-16. DOI: 10.12691/ajmsm-4-1-3
Pub. Date: March 01, 2016Views: 12329Downloads: 10692
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Analysis of the Influence of Selected Sociodemographic Characteristics on the Effectiveness of Students in the Test of Selected Critical Thinking Skills at the Slovak University of Technology
American Journal of Educational Research. 2015, 3(12), 1607-1614. DOI: 10.12691/education-3-12-18
Pub. Date: December 04, 2015Views: 17278Downloads: 15538
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