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Advanced Treatment of Chemical Equilibria in the Prediction of the Time of Dissolution of Limestone in a Water Body by the Action of Acid Rain
World Journal of Chemical Education. 2018, 6(6), 230-238. DOI: 10.12691/wjce-6-6-1
Pub. Date: December 18, 2018Views: 9661Downloads: 9374
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Kinetics of Simultaneous Dissolution of Zinc and Manganese from Electrolyte Paste of Spent Zinc-Carbon Dry Cell Battery in Sulfuric Acid Solution
Materials Science and Metallurgy Engineering. 2014, 2(1), 1-4. DOI: 10.12691/msme-2-1-1
Pub. Date: December 31, 2013Views: 25909Downloads: 21141
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Kinetics of Recovery of Alumina from Coal Fly Ash through Fusion with Sodium Hydroxide
American Journal of Materials Engineering and Technology. 2013, 1(3), 54-58. DOI: 10.12691/materials-1-3-6
Pub. Date: November 25, 2013Views: 25056Downloads: 19798Citations: 3
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A Study on Solubility Enhancement Methods for Poorly Water Soluble Drugs
American Journal of Pharmacological Sciences. 2013, 1(4), 67-73. DOI: 10.12691/ajps-1-4-5
Pub. Date: September 22, 2013Views: 31977Downloads: 14684Citations: 13
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Solid Dispersion Incorporated Microcapsules: Predictive Tools for Improve the Half Life and Dissolution Rate of Pioglitazone Hydrochloride
American Journal of Biomedical Research. 2013, 1(3), 57-70. DOI: 10.12691/ajbr-1-3-3
Pub. Date: June 05, 2013Views: 31549Downloads: 25453
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