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Research in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

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Special Issue Call for Papers

Special Issue on Cognition In Experimental Animal Psychology

Animal models in medical research and clinical surgery training are known for several purposes such as searching on drugs, therapeutic methods, epidemiologic problems and physiologic diseases. In the field of behavioral sciences, neuropsychologists and experimental psychologists use animal models to assessment behavior as the ultimate outcome of fundamental process of cognition. Animal behaviors can provide critical insights into the functional basis of psychologic disorders and therapeutic interventions. This special issue is aimed to consider the scientific researches in animal models about cognitive process. Some behavioral testing paradigms such as water maze, running wheel, open field behavior, beam walking et. are proposed to assessment of learning, memory and other cognitive functions and can be used for specific purposes in experimental approaches.

On the other hand select of animal models depends on the aims of research. Rats and mice are the most popular laboratory animals in experimental psychology whereas wide variety of species including dogs, cats, rabbits, apes, chicks, fish and some kinds of birds like finch are other animal models in experimental researches of psychology. Because of crucial role of cognitive basis of behaviors, this special issue will be focused on cognition in animal models.

About the issue

The scope of topics covered in the this issue include:

  • Learning and memory in animal models
  • Lesions, Brain surgery and cognition in animal models
  • Drugs and cognition in animal models
  • Cognitive maps
  • Social cognition
  • New laboratory methods for assessing cognition in animals
  • Selective attention in animal learning
  • Animal communication
  • Perceptual discrimination in animals
  • Discrimination and reversal learning in animals
  • Retrieval of memory in animals
  • Episodic memory in animals
  • Representation in animal memory
  • Associative memory in animal models
  • Avoidance, punishment, and Fear in animals
  • Complex learning in animal models
  • Contextual cues and memory retrieval in animals
  • Visual memory capacity in animals

Important dates

Submission Deadline: December 15, 2014
Notification of Acceptance: January 15, 2015
Final Version Due: January 30, 2015
Special Issue Publishing Date: February 10, 2015

Chief Guest Editor

Elham Foroozandeh
Isfahan Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran

Guest Editor

Karim Asgari Mobarake
University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

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