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Special Issue "Towards New Cosmology from Quantum Gravity & Particle Physics"

A special issue of Applied Mathematics and Physics

Deadline for manuscript submissions: (June 10, 2014)

Special Issue Editor(s)

Chief Guest Editor

Lukasz A. Glinka

Special Issue Information

The Special Issue will present manuscripts authored by L. A. Glinka. At least 4 papers which have never been published by a journal, each having at least 4 pages, will be solicited. Their initial versions have already been reviewed and accepted for a public presentation by a reliable source of scientific information. These contributions are dedicated to L.A. Glinka's research in quantum gravity and particle physics, which aimed at looking for the new cosmology. Temporary list of contributions, of which the best ones will be selected, corrected and updated for the purposes of the Special Issue:

1) L. A. Glinka, Thermodynamics of space quanta models quantum gravity, arXiv:0906.3827[gr-qc]
2) L. A. Glinka, Novel solution of the Wheeler–DeWitt theory, arXiv:0906.3825[gr-qc]
3) L. A. Glinka, 1D Global Bosonization of Quantum Gravity, arXiv:0804.3516[gr-qc]
4) L. A. Glinka, Preliminaries in Many-Particle Quantum Gravity. I. Einstein–Friedmann Spacetime, arXiv:0711.1380[gr-qc]
5) L. A. Glinka, Higher Dimensional Quantum Gravity Model, viXra:1110.0011
6) L. A. Glinka, Two Charged Scalar Field-Based Mass Generation Mechanisms, viXra:1110.0012
7) L. A. Glinka, Complement to Special Relativity at Superluminal Speeds: CERN Neutrinos Explained, viXra:1110.0010
8) L. A. Glinka, Gravitational Waves Versus Cosmological Perturbations: Commentary to Mukhanov’s Talk, viXra:1110.0013


  • Quantum Gravity
  • High Energy Physics
  • Standard Model
  • Cosmology

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