Special Issue Call for Papers

American Journal of Pharmacological Sciences

Special Issue Call for Papers

Special Issue on Screening of Drugs from Natural Origin with Special Emphasis on Diabetes

Mankind is dependent on the various gifts of nature especially on the plant kingdom, from the first day of their lives for the different facets of life, including the health care system as well. Since time immemorial, plants have been extensively used by the people for the treatment of myriad disease and disorders. The rational study on folklore medicine provides a valuable approach in the search for the development of new and effective therapeutic agents from the arsenal of natural products.
Nowadays diabetes is one of the most vulnerable diseases worldwide, especially because of the lack of the appropriate drug that can control completely the pathological condition without producing any side effects. Most of the current therapeutic agents have some sort of adverse effects, so the scientists from different parts of the world are actively engaged in the search of biomolecules from herbals, which has less adverse effects but significant pharmacological action, at the same time, is cost effective. Antidiabetic agents from plant origin are often found to be less toxic or sometimes nontoxic in nature.

About the issue

People of 21st century are very much busy and their life style is responsible for one of the deadly disease diabetes, also known as silent killer. Several countries established more and less successful national diabetes programmes to improve treatment of the disease. Diabetes is a disease for both developed and developing countries. Natural remedies for diabetes are considered significantly due to their less toxic effects and economical point of view. Naturally occurring compounds are of great interest to biologist because these compounds can be tailored following an appreciate choice of the legend, granting to these compounds a potential for multiple applications. Exercise (Yoga), food supplement and maintenance of life style play a major role for the management of diabetes and its complications.

Important dates

Submission Deadline: September 17, 2013
Notification of Acceptance: October, 2013
Final Version Due: November, 2013
Special Issue Publishing Date: December, 2013

Chief Guest Editor

Dr. Sagar Naskar
Bengal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research
Email: Sagar_n2007@yahoo.co.in

Guest Editor

Dr. Pallab Kanti Haldar
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Jadavpur University
Email: Pallab_haldar@rediffmail.com

Dr. Aminul Islam
Natreon Inc. (an USA based research centre)
Email: aminulislamju@gmail.com

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If you would like to submit an article to this special issue, please send your submissions via email directly to our guest editor, Sagar Naskar<Sagar_n2007@yahoo.co.in>.