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2-year Google-based Journal Impact Factor (2-GJIF)

Many readers find their way to SciEP's articles via Google Scholar. No open or proprietary database is directing so many readers to SciEP's articles. Google Scholar is the only openly available database suitable for journal metric calculation. It has a wide coverage and is a meaningful source. For this reason, SciEP is calculating its own Impact Factor based on Google Scholar's citation counts. This algorithm is not protected and can be used by anyone. In short: SciEP calculates a 1-year Google-based Journal Impact Factor (2-GJIF).

With respect to all articles from this journal for the respective year:

  • A = cites to articles published in - =
  • B = number of articles published in - =
  • 2-GJIF is: A/B = / =

Please see also the Statistics and List of Citations for AJPHR.