Aims and Scope

American Journal of Nursing Research


American Journal of Nursing Research is a peer-reviewed, open access journal which is an essential resource for nurse researchers, nurses and clinical practitioners to participate in ongoing scholarly debate. It publishes original papers, review articles related to all fields of nursing research.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board Member
Janie  Canty-Mitchell
University of Texas Health Sciences Center , San Antonio,  United States
Michael  Pritchard
Wirral University Hospital Foundation Trust,  United Kingdom
Josmé pCarlos  Carvalho
Escola Superior Enfermagem do Porto,  Portugal
Carlos  Sequeira
Higher School of Nursing of Porto,  Portugal
Paulo  Marques
Oporto Nursing School,  Portugal
Antonio  Rozzi
Medical Oncology Unit Istituto Neurotraumatologico Italiano Grottaferrata (Rome),  Italy
Melba  D'Souza
Sultan Qaboos University,  Oman
Lucas  Melo
Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte,  Brazil
Reza  Negarandeh
Tehran University of Medical Sciences,  Iran
Ayman  Hamdan Mansour
University of Jordan,  Jordan
Mamta  Verma
College of Nursing , All India Institute of Medical Sciences , Bhopal,  India
Moshtak  Abdulatheem Jwad
Babylon University,  Iraq
Wafaa  Ali
Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University,  Egypt
Lucy  Gitonga
Chuka University,  Kenya
Ioanna  Papathanasiou
Technologial Educational Institute of Larissa , Nursing Department,  Greece