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Special Issue "The link between Politics, Philosophy and Life. An investigation into the paradox of biopolitical government"

A special issue of World Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (ISSN 2474-1434).

Special Issue Editors

Chief Guest Editor

Daniel Nery da Cruz
State University of Feira de Santana – UEFS

Guest Editor

Sesi College - Claretian College - Vitória da Conquista

Special Issue Information

The purpose of this special edition is to analyze a relationship between political philosophy and the way of life. From its earliest days, many philosophical schools aim at helping the individual to create a way of life. Even with the forgetting of this link between philosophy and life on the part of modern thinkers, some contemporary philosophers try to revive a philosophy as a way of life. Among these thinkers are Pierre Hadot who makes an analysis of the ancient philosophy and its connection with the way of life and the spiritual exercises. With Michel Foucault we find a continuation of the theses defended by Hadot through arche-genealogical research of self-care. Giorgio Agamben also follows a trail opened by these previous theorists and carries out several investigations on a thematic one. Agamben discusses his political philosophy on the basis of an idea of a way of life rooted in the purposes of contemporary politics through devices that capture a human life. The relation between rule and life, used by monks for an organization of monasticism is excavated in order to a major monastic concern which is a construction of one's own life as an integral liturgy. In order to construct a hermeneutic of political rationality, ethical-juridical of modernity, Agamben architect a structure of its analysis in the distinction between rule and life and at the same time in the confusion that two concepts present and limits the common law in the legalization of the Life To Agamben one Form of life is constituted as a form beyond right, a life that is governed by a right managed to give itself a way of living, but is formatted by norm, a law or an exception. In all cases, law inhibits life, true life is lived beyond law. We intend, from research, to explore escape routes that are offered as alternatives to the control devices of society. With this reflection it is possible to draw possibilities for thinking about a new policy. Finally, an edition expands also its interest in political reflections in general and its relations with power and human life, since the arguments are solid and contribute to a criticism.

Special Issue Topics

About the issue

The topics to be covered by this special issue include, but are not limited to:

  • Politics and life, an investigation.
  • The capture of human life by contemporary politics
  • The administration of life through biopolitics
  • The inhibition of human life by law and a proposal for a new way of life

Import Dates & Submit

Important dates

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2017
Notification of Acceptance: July 10, 2017
Final Version Due: August 31, 2017
Special Issue Publishing Date: September 05, 2017

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