Aims and Scope

World Journal of Chemical Education


All over the world there are very few research journals which focus on the development of education in chemistry, to name few: Journal of Chemical education (ACS), CEJ (Japan), The Australian Journal of Education in Chemistry (Australia), Chemistry Education in New Zealand etc. The sheer fact that the number of chemical education journals around the world can be counted on finger tips, has prompted us to propose this journal. Chemistry is a subject which is replete with concepts and this aspect of it makes the subject difficult, for the teachers and the taught. If a teacher develops an easier method or approach to difficult concepts he/she can translate the development into an erudite chemical education article. Thus, helping the chemistry teachers, students and the chemistry audience at large. This journal can accept novel interpretations of concepts in chemistry, experiments that can be included in the University Curriculum, enrichment of chemistry subject in standard chemistry books and if at all there are any flaws in standard chemistry books, this flaw can be rectified for the improvement of chemistry etc. Further any creative or novel article which ameliorates the classroom teaching can also be included in this journal.

Editorial Board

Prof. V.  Jagannadham
Osmania University,  India
Prof. John  P Richard
University at Buffalo,  United States
Prof. Paul  Yeary
Alice Llyod College,  United States
Prof. Richard  Nagorski
Department of Chemistry, Illinois State University,  United States
Dr. Tina L  Amyes
University of Buffalo,  United States
Dr. Madhu  Basetti
Molecular Imaging Group (MRI & MRS), Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge,  United Kingdom
Prof. Tadeusz  Mizerski
Warsaw University of Technology,  Poland
Prof. Shrong  Shi-Lin
Beijing University,  Taiwan
Prof. S.  Satyanarayana
Osmania University,  India
Dr. R.  Veda Vrath
L. N. Gupta College,  India
Dr. R.  Sanjeev
Department of Pharmacy, School of Health Science, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban,  South Africa
Dr. Mala  Das Sharma
Department of Chemistry, St. Pious X Degree & PG College for Women,  India
Dr. Arijit  Das
Department of Chemistry, Ramthakur college, Agartala, Tripura(West),  India
Editorial Board Member
Dr Snehal  Lokhandwala
Shroff S R Rotary Institute of Chemical Technology,  India