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Special Issue on Potential of Nano-Cellulose for Health-Care-Systems

Nano-Cellulose has been a centre of attraction of researchers due to its unique properties in the field of Health-Care-Systems. In the recent times, nano-cellulose has been used as a nano-reinforcement in different polymeric biomaterials to prepare functional bio-nanocomposites for tissue engineering and drug-delivery systems. At nano-scale, cellulose crystals or particles have shown a great potential and have emerged as a novel biomaterial with low cost, high surface area, high aspect-ratio, exceptional physical, chemical, and mechanical properties (high specific strength and modulus). These nano-reinforcements show significant load-bearing capacity (nano-strength) into the fabricated nanocomposites as compared to other reinforcing fillers.

This special issue focuses on recent developments in nano-cellulose reinforced bio-nanocomposites in the field of Health-Care-Systems.

It covers all aspects of nano-cellulose based research activities, from extraction, processing, modification, fabrication, characterization to potential application. It particularly encourages a multidisciplinary research field including chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering sciences to investigate the potential of these nano-cellulose for the fabrication of desired products.

We invite researchers to contribute original research papers and review papers on nano-cellulose, including extraction, modification and, characterization followed by potential application such as porous scaffolds, hydrogels, beads, nanocomposites, electrospun fibres are encouraged to submit to this journal.

About the issue

Potential topics include, but not limited to the following areas:

  • 1. Extraction and characterization of nano-cellulose
  • 2. Surface modification or functionalization of nano-cellulose
  • 3. Processing methods of nano-cellulose
  • 4. Nano-cellulose for drug-delivery applications
  • 5. Nano-cellulose for bone tissue engineering
  • 6. Nano-cellulose for skin tissue engineering
  • 7. Nano-cellulose for cardiovascular tissue engineering
  • 8. Nano-cellulose for cartilage tissue engineering
  • 9. Nano-cellulose for neural tissue engineering
  • 10. Nano-cellulose for DNA-labelling
  • 11. Nano-cellulose for bio-sensing

Important dates

Submission Deadline: August 15, 2015
Notification of Acceptance: October 15, 2015
Final Version Due: November 10, 2015
Special Issue Publishing Date: December 30, 2015

Chief Guest Editor

Dr. Anuj Kumar
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Nano, Medical and Polymer Materials, Yeungnam University, South Korea
Email: anuj.budhera@gmail.com

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Manuscripts should be submitted as an attached file to an e-mail directed to the Chief Guest Editor, Dr. Anuj Kumar at the address: <anuj.budhera@gmail.com>

or through the journal's Paper Submission System.