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Special Issue Call for Papers

Special Issue on Sustainable Food Supply with Functional and Essential Nutrients

Food productions should be planned in base of agriculture including plant and animal originated sources for sustainable practices for next generations and also nutrition systems and habits for healthy people for worldwide. Food supply changes according to following factors such as region of world and development levels of countries, increase of population, and climate change due to global warming that affected environment pollution. Food supply means not only production of foods from plants. Agriculture and environment interactions should be sustainable and preserve soil namely agriculture lands with animal productions. Food safety and water safety must be essential subject from point of sustainable food supply and environment and food process. The number of people is still lack of food safety and water safety conditions and standards. Food safety begins from farm and finishes in consumer fork. The food infections and food poisoning should be evaluated in food safety and nutrition with environment and other factors.

There are countries suffer from starvation due to famine. Nobody forget to die of starvation today. In this case, sustainable food supply is provided with sustainable environment. On the other hand, balanced nutrition with functional compounds those serve as antiaging, preventing diseases, improving health even curing and supporting health effects with modern medicinal therapy. The variations of food compounds during food processes and technologies are important research topics in food chemistry. Sustainable term contains from baby and child nutrition to aging nutrition for old people.

Main essential elements are essential fatty acids and amino acids, nutritive minerals and vitamins which can not be manufactured by the body thus they have to been provided from the food. These essential food components with all of the pr0tein components mean balanced diet but sufficient diet means taking sufficient calorie daily. In every step of life, balanced and sufficient diet is necessary. Functional food compounds are known kinds of terms e.g. bioactive compounds, medicinal compounds those have health effects. They discovered by advanced equipment in food chemistry and investigating traditional medicine, biochemistry and natural curing agents by following historical order of foods. Evaluation of food waste and by products. All of the mentioned topics above will be aim and scope of this special issue of Journal.

About the issue

The topics to be covered by this special issue include, but are not limited to:

  • Sustainable water supply
  • Sustainable food supply
  • Sustainable environment
  • Environment and food interactions
  • Environment pollution, Global warming, climate change, and sustainable food supply and nutrition
  • Famine and starvation, food manufacturing
  • Remedies for preventing of famine and starvation
  • Balanced-disturbing of food
  • Protecting agriculture area and soil
  • Veterinary product and essential elements in nutrition
  • Food safety
  • Bioactive compounds
  • Essential elements of foods
  • Balanced and sufficient diet
  • Sustainable food and baby and child and ageing people nutrition
  • Next generation and food productions for sustainable life
  • water safety
  • Protecting of water sources with agriculture including animal production
  • Clean environment, food and health
  • Evaluation of Food waste and by products

Important dates

Submission Deadline: July 30, 2017
Notification of Acceptance: September 30, 2017
Final Version Due: October 30, 2017
Special Issue Publishing Date: November 30, 2017

Chief Guest Editor

Necla Çağlarirmak
MANİSA CELAL BAYAR UNIVERSITY, Saruhanlı College, Head of Food Process Dept., Saruhanlı-MANİSA-TURKEY

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