Special Issue Call for Papers

International Journal of Econometrics and Financial Management

Special Issue Call for Papers

Special Issue on Geography of Innovation and Economic Clusters: Evidence from Russia

Studies on the effects of inter-firm and inter-industry interactions have long been the topic of scientific research around the globe. The industrial cluster approach, which is certainly associated with the name of M. Porter roots to research of E. Dahmen, A. Hirschman and J.R. Lasuen to name just a few. Recent authors discuss the inter-organizational collaboration of actors within the cluster, the backbone of which is involvement in to the process of value co-creation. The cluster ceased to be a geographical term and has transformed into the institutional framework of the new knowledge (networked) economy.

Over the last decade, the cluster concept has moved from being solely of interest to the respective scientific community on to the policy tool, which is being used by national and regional authorities all around the world. One of the latter countries in Europe to introduce the cluster policy was Russia. The special issue of the journal is dedicated to discover the fundamentals and major results of the Russian cluster policy so far. Authors are expected to provide their research results on cluster initiatives being implemented on the regional level, give their critical view on intermediate results, as well as suggest certain methods of analyzing the effects of clustering.

The priority will be given to the econometric articles, aimed at providing quantitative analysis in addition to suggested empirical evidence.

About the issue

The scope of topics covered in the this issue include:

  • Case study on clustering in Russia (overview and in-depth analysis of regional clusters and innovation networks in the regions of Russia);

  • Use of economic and statistical methods of analysis in cluster research (analysis of efficiency and drawbacks, SWOT analysis in relation to certain economic sectors and regional economies, factor analysis, etc.);

  • Process and mechanism of formation of clusters in Russia (it is proposed to pay special attention to the stage of emergence of a cluster; the cluster initiative and proto-cluster);

  • Regional cluster policies (an overview of the role of governmental authorities in establishing favorable economic conditions for the cluster formation);

  • Impact and effects of clustering on the regional economy;
  • Inter-cluster cooperation (inter-regional and international cluster cooperation; cluster alliances and cluster networks);

  • Development of clusters in high-tech and traditional sectors of economy;
  • Comparative analysis of organized and organic clusters in Russia;
  • Geography of regional clusters in Russia;
  • Institutional collaboration within innovative cluster network (university-business-government-non-profit organizations).

Important dates

Submission Deadline: July 31, 2014
Notification of Acceptance: August 15, 2014
Final Version Due: August 25, 2014
Special Issue Publishing Date: September 30, 2014

Chief Guest Editor

Andrey Mikhaylov
Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
Email: ikbfu39@gmail.com

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