Aims and Scope

International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neurology


As the aged population more enlarges, the age-related health disorders are increasing, including neurological disorders. The economic burden of care and treatment of neurological disorders also increase. It is an urgent challenge to prevent or even reverse neurological disorders. More special attention has been paid to the clinical and experimental research in neurological disorders worldwide. Thus, Clinical and Experimental Neurology will offer an academic and professional platform for medical scientific community to discover the more mechanisms for neurological disorders, and benefit the combat for the prevention and treatment of neurological disorders.

Editorial Board

Zhiyou  Cai, MD
Vice-president of the Lu’an Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University,  China
Editorial Board Member
M. Delwar  Hussain
Texas AM University Health Science Center,  United States
Ming  Xiao
Department of Anatomy, Nanjing Medical University,  China
Bin  Zhao
Guangdong Medical College,  China
Shobha  Huilgol
Department of Pharmacology, Al Ameen Medical College,  India
Manoj  Banjara
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center,  United States