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Special Issue "Subjects, policies, curriculum and learning in a post-critical approach: some Brazilian studies on education"

A special issue of American Journal of Educational Research (ISSN 2327-6150).

Special Issue Editors

Chief Guest Editor

Luiz Artur dos Santos Cestari
University of Southwestern Bahia/Brazil

Guest Editor

Gleidson Gouveia
University of Iowa/ USA

Special Issue Information

The contemporary times demand to educational field a debate about the emergent questions and at same time an approach that will go beyond the modern thinking that consider the ‘subjects’ as un uncompleted project of the Enlightenment. Therefore, the special issue aims to discuss problems on educational reality in nowadays but it will try to do it in a post-critical approach. First of all, it talks about ‘subjects’ on plural in order to mean the different forms of say whom are themselves, that is, teachers or students in many possibilities to became ‘subjects’ of education. Second, it will put in question the conception of modern schools that demands the transformation of subjects in free individuals. For that purpose, it will use a post-critical approach based on authors like Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guatarri and others that will argument in favor to displace the education of the capitalist logical process on post-modern conditions, and in terms of Jeans Fransçois Lyotard, it needs to face an education that is legitimated through the performativity. Then, the critical task must face the objectivizing, needs to displace the performativity education and discuss educational problems in other plan of immanence, like on Deleuse and Guatarri’ senses for instance. Thus, it will come to examine the role of 'subjects' before the policies (the effect of discourses on subjects in institutions); the curriculum (the organization of knowledge and their images); and the learning (experiences to face the establishment and at same time create the possibility to make education working as a 'line of escape').

Special Issue Topics

About the issue

The topics to be covered by this special issue include, but are not limited to:

  • 'Subjects' of education in a plural meanings
  • Post-critical approach on education
  • Educational policies and the effect of discourses on subjects in institutions
  • Curriculum, the organization of knowledge and their images
  • Learning experiences as a 'line of scape'

Import Dates & Submit

Important dates

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2017
Notification of Acceptance: June 30, 2017
Final Version Due: July 15, 2017
Special Issue Publishing Date: July 31, 2017

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Manuscripts should be submitted as an attached file to an e-mail directed to the Chief Guest Editor, Luiz Artur dos Santos Cestari at the address: <>