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Special Issue on Health Scenario 2015; Millennium Development Goals

During 1978 at Alma Ata all member countries of WHO pledged Health for All by the year 2000 through Primary Health Care Approach. Again in September 2000 UN Member States had agreed to improve the situation and address many other issues directly or indirectly related to health and to try to achieve the targets set by the year 2015. Those broad eight goals are the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Each MDG has targets and indicators to monitor progress from 1990 levels.

Some countries did make impressive progress in achieving health-related targets, while many others are lagging behind for various reasons.

It will be worthwhile to know the present heath scenario in various fields of medicine through intersectoral research, any improvement, innovation or ongoing new trials or experimentation.

Nothing better could be than compile and compare the scenario from various fields and countries to have an idea as to how far we have progressed or gone ahead to achieve the MDG targets.

There is a need to focus our attention to find out how best the desired level can be attained.

The research articles in various fields of medicine will throw some light as to what is happening and where are we at the present juncture.

The articles can be invited on biomedical, intersectoral and health system research from developed and developing countries to compare various aspects viz. causation, present intervention, achievements, future strategy & measures within the guidelines of millennium development goal.

About the issue

The scope of topics covered in the this issue include:

  • Communicable Diseases
  • Non communicable Diseases
  • Maternal Health and Child Health related
  • Growth, Development & Nutrition related
  • Adolescence and health aspect of children in special setting
  • Geriatric Problems
  • Psychological or Psychiatric Problems
  • Other Health Related Topics and Issues : General, Managerial, Emergency, Health Care Delivery System

Important dates

Submission Deadline: September 30, 2015
Notification of Acceptance: October 15, 2015
Final Version Due: October 28, 2015
Special Issue Publishing Date: November 01, 2015

Chief Guest Editor

Dr. Asis De
Professor, Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara, Nepal
Email: dr_asisde@hotmail.com

Guest Editor

Dr. Brijesh Sathian
Assistant Professor, Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara, Nepal
Email: drsathian@gmail.com

Mr. Suresh Chandra Devkota
Lecturer, Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara, Nepal
Email: sdvkta@gmail.com

Submit your article now

Manuscripts should be submitted as an attached file to an e-mail directed to the Chief Guest Editor, Dr. Asis De at the address: <dr_asisde@hotmail.com>

or through the journal's Paper Submission System.

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