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Special Issue "Tanta university ,Faculty of Nursing"

A special issue of American Journal of Nursing Research (ISSN 2378-5586).

Special Issue Editors

Chief Guest Editor

Nagwa Gad
Tanta university, Faculty of Nursing, Egypt

Special Issue Information

Definition of evidence based nursing (EBN)
Scott and Mcsherry's extensive defined EBN as an ongoing process by which evidence , nursing theory and practitioners' clinical expertise are critically evaluated and considered in conjunction with patient involvement , to provide delivery of optimum nursing care for individual.

The goal of evidence based nursing (EBN) is to improve the health and safety of patients as well as provide best practice cost effective care with high quality outcomes. To enable the nurses to manage the explosion of new literature and technology and ultimately may result in improved patient outcomes. To allow nurses to enrich their clinical training and experiences with up to date researches. To strongly motivate nurses to learn skills required to practice evidence based nursing . To help nursing students learn to develop independent , evidence based methods of clinical decision making .To promote nursing students critical thinking. To allow practitioners to meet a daily need for valid information about clinical situations. To enhance nursing researcher in the development and continuing nursing researches.

Scope of evidence based nursing:
Nursing is a research based profession. Evidence based nursing approach is an approach to make quality decisions and providing nursing care based on clinical expertise in combination with the most current relevant researches about the topics and patients preferences'. It implement the most up to date methods of providing care which have been proven through appraisal of high quality research studies and statistically significant findings of the researches.

There are seven steps of evidence based nursing: 1. Cultivate spirit of inquiry it means that an attitude in which questions are encourage to be asked in practice. 2. Ask clinical question (PICOT) 3. Search for & collect evidence .There are seven different levels of evidence in nursing practice , the strongest one is systematic review and metanalysis evidence. 4. Critically appraise the evidence. 5. integrate the evidence. 6. Evaluate the outcomes. 7. Disseminate the outcomes.

Most commonly used Models of EBN and described in nursing literature are:

  • • Academic Center for Evidence-Based Practice Star Model (Stevens, 2004)
  • • Advancing Research and Clinical Practice Through Close Collaboration (ARCC Model)
  • • Iowa Model
  • • Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Model (JHNEBP)
  • • Stetler Model of EBP

Through evidence based nursing we hope to conveys that good evidence does involve more than RCTs and systematic overviews. Each research design has its purpose, its strengths and limitations. The key is ensuring that the right research is used to answer the question posed.

Special Issue Topics

About the issue

The topics to be covered by this special issue include, but are not limited to:

  • • Evidence based nursing and value based nursing
  • • Worlds view of evidence based nursing
  • • Evidence based nursing and quality of care
  • • Evidence based nursing and safety care
  • • Evidence based nursing education
  • • Evidence based nursing practice and levels of evidence
  • • Evidence based nursing researches
  • • Evidence based nursing leadership
  • • Challenges facing application of evidence based researches in field of nursing practice.
  • • Barriers to promote evidence based practice
  • • Methods of researches of evidence based nursing practice e.g. qualitative research process.
  • • Strategies to overcome barriers and facilitate application of evidence based in nursing education and practice e.g. raising awareness about evidence based nursing and its importance
  • • Enhancement of all people health through the use of evidence based nursing
  • • Evidence based and applied new technology in nursing education and practice
  • • Recommended evidence of best practice nursing

Import Dates & Submit

Important dates

Submission Deadline: April 25, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: November 15, 2020
Final Version Due: November 30, 2020
Special Issue Publishing Date: Decembre 31, 2020

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