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World Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2016, 4(1), 8-12
DOI: 10.12691/wjoc-4-1-2
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Kinetics Reaction and Mechanism of Thiazole with Sodium MethOxide in CSTR Reactor

Dr. Omar M.S. Ismail1, and Dr.khalaf M. ALenezi1

1Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science Hail University, P.O.Box 2440, Hail, Saudi Arabia

Pub. Date: April 05, 2016

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Dr. Omar M.S. Ismail and Dr.khalaf M. ALenezi. Kinetics Reaction and Mechanism of Thiazole with Sodium MethOxide in CSTR Reactor. World Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2016; 4(1):8-12. doi: 10.12691/wjoc-4-1-2


Sulphur and nitrogen containing organic compounds are gaining importance in synthetic and pharmaceutical fields. Thiazoles are a heterocyclic organic compounds are well known intermediates in thesynthesis of clinically important heterocycles such as 4-thiozolidinones and benzothiozoles. Thiazoles are found in medicaments like vitamin-B, sulphathiozoles, promizole, niridazole, aminotrizole and tetramisole. Therefore, and because of the importance of these compounds, the understanding and study of the mechanism and kinetic of their reactions are particularly important.

Kinetics Reaction Thiozole Sodium Meth-Oxide CSTR Reactor

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