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American Journal of Materials Engineering and Technology. 2013, 1(2), 19-21
DOI: 10.12691/materials-1-2-1
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Effect of Shells Powder on Scorch and Cure Time of Elastomer Material

Mohammad H.Al-Maamori1 and Ali I. Al-Mosawi2,

1Materials Engineering College, Babylon University, Iraq

2Technical Institute-Babylon, Iraq

Pub. Date: May 01, 2013

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Mohammad H.Al-Maamori and Ali I. Al-Mosawi. Effect of Shells Powder on Scorch and Cure Time of Elastomer Material. American Journal of Materials Engineering and Technology. 2013; 1(2):19-21. doi: 10.12691/materials-1-2-1


In the Present research the effect of shells powder additive (50,100,150pphr) on scorch time ,cure time of natural rubber was studied .Oscillating Disk Rheometer was used to measuring the above times by specified the behavior of master batch through scorch time. The obtained results shown that the shells powder don’t have negative effect on rubber properties during vulcanization ,where the properties was enhanced after added this powder and the best percentage of addition was (100pphr).

natural rubber shells powder scorch and cure time

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