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American Journal of Marine Science. 2014, 2(3), 58-62
DOI: 10.12691/marine-2-3-3
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Numerical Investigation of the Performance of Voith Schneider Propulsion

Ehsan Esmailian1, , Hassan Ghassemi1 and Seyyed Abbas Heidari1

1Department of Ocean Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Pub. Date: December 24, 2014

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Ehsan Esmailian, Hassan Ghassemi and Seyyed Abbas Heidari. Numerical Investigation of the Performance of Voith Schneider Propulsion. American Journal of Marine Science. 2014; 2(3):58-62. doi: 10.12691/marine-2-3-3


The research explained in this article was carried out to investigate the numerical hydrodynamic characteristics of the Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP) system. The system has four vertical blades connected to the horizontal disk. Each blade has two speeds, one around a disk and second local rational along its axis. The method is finite volume CFD code (Fluent v14) with RNG k-ε turbulence model. For the purposes of this research, a VSP with 4 blades is analyzed at various operating conditions. Hydrodynamic characteristic parameters including moment, thrust and efficiency are presented as functions of advance velocity coefficients at three different pitch rations.

Voith Schneider Propeller CFD RNG turbulence model hydrodynamic performance

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