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Journal of Mechanical Design and Vibration. 2019, 7(1), 33-42
DOI: 10.12691/jmdv-7-1-5
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Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of a Jib Crane Vibration

Umar Sanusi Umar1, , Muhammad Tukur Hamisu1, Mahmud Muhammad Jamil1 and Aisha Sa’ad1

1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna, Nigeria

Pub. Date: December 21, 2019

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Umar Sanusi Umar, Muhammad Tukur Hamisu, Mahmud Muhammad Jamil and Aisha Sa’ad. Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of a Jib Crane Vibration. Journal of Mechanical Design and Vibration. 2019; 7(1):33-42. doi: 10.12691/jmdv-7-1-5


A Comparative approach is used that adopted analytical and numerical methods in analysing the vibration of a jib crane. The analytical method employed the use of planar serial-frame structures analysis which utilizes transfer matrix solution to the governing equation of motion. The jib and the mast are treated as different segment and analysed by the transverse and longitudinal motions of each segment while considering the compatibility requirements across the mast from the jib and the boundary condition of the entire jib crane system. Finite element analysis using ANSYS software was employed to analyse the jib crane system as the numerical method. The jib crane analytical approach derived theoretically was modelled in ANSYS and solved in other to evaluate and compare the vibration parameters of the system.

jib crane mast jib ANSYS

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