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Journal of Geosciences and Geomatics. 2014, 2(1), 1-10
DOI: 10.12691/jgg-2-1-1
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Coupling GIS and Photogrammetry for the Development of Large-Scale Land Information System (LIS)

Ibraheem A. Th.1, , Daham A. M.2 and Hussein S. N.1

1Nahrain University, College of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department

2Baghdad University, College of Engineering, Surveying Engineering Department

Pub. Date: January 12, 2014

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Ibraheem A. Th., Daham A. M. and Hussein S. N.. Coupling GIS and Photogrammetry for the Development of Large-Scale Land Information System (LIS). Journal of Geosciences and Geomatics. 2014; 2(1):1-10. doi: 10.12691/jgg-2-1-1


GIS is now being used by Civil Engineers in every application domain and throughout every aspect of the enterprise, be it on the desktop, in the field, or in collaboration with others. Digital photogrammetry is most commonly associated with the production of topographic mapping generally from conventional aerial stereo photography. As for the GIS Photogrammetry can be seen as a system of hardware, software, and procedures designed to support the capture, management, manipulation, analysis, modeling, and display of spatially referenced data for solving complex planning and management problems. Photogrammetry-supported GIS is concerned with the accuracy of the data used in GIS offering ways of direct visualization and easier interpretation in a real-world scale. Matching the mosaic images usually implies that the radiometric intensity data from one image representing a particular feature must be matched to the intensity data from the second image, representing the same feature. After the production of mosaic for the study area, stereo pair of the final form the ArcView software was used to prepare a digital map with multi layers. The layers, which were 12 layers formed: main roads layer, Pedestrian roads layer, parks layer, Gardens layer, Service buildings layer, college of engineering layer, college of science layer, college of politics layer, architecture department layer, engineering labs layer, collection of colleges buildings layer and lectures halls layer. After the completion of the drawing layers have been producing digital map in its final form.

ArcView digital mapping GIS LIS mosaic Photogrammetry and surveying

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