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Journal of Food Security. 2018, 6(3), 114-118
DOI: 10.12691/jfs-6-3-3
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Assessment of Food Security through Diversity Assessment of Rice Varieties and It's Adaptation in Kaski District, Nepal

Hridesh Sharma1, , Indira Bhattarai1, Saroj Sapkota1 and Subodh Khanal2

1Department of Agri-Botany and Conservation Ecology, Agriculture and Forestry University, Chitwan, Nepal

2Department of Agri-Botany and Ecology, IAAS, Tribhuvan University, Paklihawa, Nepal

Pub. Date: September 27, 2018

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Hridesh Sharma, Indira Bhattarai, Saroj Sapkota and Subodh Khanal. Assessment of Food Security through Diversity Assessment of Rice Varieties and It's Adaptation in Kaski District, Nepal. Journal of Food Security. 2018; 6(3):114-118. doi: 10.12691/jfs-6-3-3


Diversity in agricultural crop and their varieties is a basis for sustainable food security. Rice being the major staple food of the country, its contribution to food security is immense. Thus to assess relationship of varietal diversity of rice and food security, a study was conducted in Puranchaur and Lahachok VDC of Kaski District. A total of 120 sample households (60 Puranchaur and 60 Lahachok) were selected at a random for the study. Pre-tested interview schedule was used along with direct observation, focal group discussion, key informant survey and secondary data from different sources in the study. Richness in rice varieties on count basis was found to be significantly higher in Puranchaur than in Lahachok. Similarly, Simpson index and Shannon index of rice varieties was found higher in Puranchaur than in Lahachok. There was significant positive linear relationship between Simpson index and food security. Similarly there was significant positive linear relationship between varietal richness and food security. The result from Logit regression analysis indicates that sex of the household head (p<0.05), total land holding (p<0.01) and family type (p<0.01) has significant impact on decision on diversifying crop varieties. Thus, policy should focus on local adaptation strategies formulation; diversifying crop varieties to improve food security.

rice diversity food security adaptation

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