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Journal of Embedded Systems. 2015, 3(1), 11-15
DOI: 10.12691/jes-3-1-2
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Multilevel Network Security Combining Cryptography and Steganography on ARM Platform

Pallavi H. Dixit1, , Kamalesh B. Waskar1 and Uttam L. Bombale2

1Electronics and Telecommunication, Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Kolhapur, India

2Electronics, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India

Pub. Date: March 15, 2015

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Pallavi H. Dixit, Kamalesh B. Waskar and Uttam L. Bombale. Multilevel Network Security Combining Cryptography and Steganography on ARM Platform. Journal of Embedded Systems. 2015; 3(1):11-15. doi: 10.12691/jes-3-1-2


This paper presents two level data security in Network system. Cryptographic algorithm BLOWFISH and Steganography algorithm List significant Bit (LSB) are used for data security. Confidential information is encrypted by BLOWFISH algorithm, and then encrypted data hide into image by LSB algorithm of Steganography. For more security we used iris image of authorized person to hide encrypted data. The keys required for BLOWFISH algorithm is generated from same iris image. These two algorithms implemented on 32 bit ARM 7. In the result of project include memory utilization, processing time for encryption and decryption etc. this project gives better security for embedded systems like mobile, smart card, ATM etc.

network security blowfish cryptography embedded system list significant bit steganography

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