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Journal of Computer Sciences and Applications. 2014, 2(3), 40-43
DOI: 10.12691/jcsa-2-3-1
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On the Evolution of Virtualization and Cloud Computing: A Review

Awodele Oludele1, Emmanuel C. Ogu1, , Kuyoro ‘Shade1 and Umezuruike Chinecherem1

1Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, School of Computing and Engineering Sciences, Babcock University, Ilisan-Remo, Ogun State. Nigeria

Pub. Date: December 25, 2014

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Awodele Oludele, Emmanuel C. Ogu, Kuyoro ‘Shade and Umezuruike Chinecherem. On the Evolution of Virtualization and Cloud Computing: A Review. Journal of Computer Sciences and Applications. 2014; 2(3):40-43. doi: 10.12691/jcsa-2-3-1


Cloud computing, the technology that makes it possible for computing resources to be provisioned to clients / subscribers over long distances, as well as its component technology – virtualization, which makes it possible for multiple guest systems to co-reside on a single host machine and share the computing resources of the host, have both become very popular technologies that have witnessed giant improvements in the 21st century. This is a review paper that presents an overview of the technologies of virtualization and cloud computing, tracing their history and evolution down a timeline to what they have today, and providing pointers to prospects of future advancements to virtualization and cloud computing.

virtualization cloud computing computing resources clients / subscribers

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