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Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment. 2013, 1(2), 42-44
DOI: 10.12691/jcrt-1-2-5
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Treatment Planning and Optimization in High-dose-rate Brachytherapy

Sunilkar Singh Reddy1,

1Department of Medicine, Manipal University, India

Pub. Date: December 05, 2013

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Sunilkar Singh Reddy. Treatment Planning and Optimization in High-dose-rate Brachytherapy. Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment. 2013; 1(2):42-44. doi: 10.12691/jcrt-1-2-5


High-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy is typically used for the treatment of lung, esophagus, breast, bronchus, and prostate cancer as well as gynecological cancers. In HDR brachytherapy, radiation is delivered to the tumor through the catheters placed in or adjacent to the tumor. The primary goal of this article is to provide the overview of current literature regarding the application of HDR planning and optimization techniques. A summary of commonly used optimization technique known as heuristics method (stochastic and deterministic) is also provided.

HDR brachytherapy treatment planning optimization

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