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Journal of Business and Management Sciences. 2020, 8(1), 1-6
DOI: 10.12691/jbms-8-1-1
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Brain Science, Brain-inspired Artificial Intelligence, and Applications in Business and Management

Cheryl Ann Alexander1, 2, and Lidong Wang3

1Department of Engineering Management, Northcentral University, San Diego, California, USA

2Institute for IT innovation and Smart Health, Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA

3Institute for Systems Engineering Research, Mississippi State University, Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA

Pub. Date: December 29, 2019

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Cheryl Ann Alexander and Lidong Wang. Brain Science, Brain-inspired Artificial Intelligence, and Applications in Business and Management. Journal of Business and Management Sciences. 2020; 8(1):1-6. doi: 10.12691/jbms-8-1-1


Brain science and brain-inspired artificial intelligence have the potential for strengthening business and management. Brain-inspired artificial intelligence (AI) uses principles of brain science to build algorithms and AI systems with human-like intelligence. Some concepts (e.g., cognition, inference, memory, and intelligence) and principles of brain science are introduced in this paper. The research progress in several topics are also presented that include brain-inspired artificial intelligence and brain-inspired computing, project management and brain-inspired management, the integration of brain science into leadership (especially crisis leadership), and brain-inspired decision-making for business. Future research and trends in some topics are introduced.

brain science artificial intelligence business intelligence management leadership decision making

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