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International Journal of Hematological Disorders. 2020, 4(1), 4-8
DOI: 10.12691/ijhd-4-1-2
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Serological Study of Camel Brucellosis in Elgadaref State, Eastern Sudan

Taha Abdelnassir A1, , ELsanousi Enaam2 and Khogali Maha3

1Veterinary Laboratory Unit, Dubai Municipality, UAE

2Department of Science and Technology, University College of Qarayat ALOlya, KSA

3Department of Brucellosis, Central Veterinary Research Laboratories, SUDAN

Pub. Date: October 25, 2020

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Taha Abdelnassir A, ELsanousi Enaam and Khogali Maha. Serological Study of Camel Brucellosis in Elgadaref State, Eastern Sudan. International Journal of Hematological Disorders. 2020; 4(1):4-8. doi: 10.12691/ijhd-4-1-2


This work has been formulated to contribute to the enhancement of diagnostic capabilities by studying different serological techniques. The study area was chosen for their high camel populations, ELgadaref State. A total of 343 serum samples from different camel herds were collected. Serum samples were subjected to serological investigation; all samples were tested using three serological tests which were Rose Bengal Plate Test, competitive ELISA and Complement Fixation Test. Seroprevalence was (36.2%, 42.6 and 19.8%) with the RBT, CFT and cELISA respectively.

Brucella RBT cELISA CFT serology

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