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American Journal of Educational Research. 2018, 6(7), 1056-1062
DOI: 10.12691/education-6-7-26
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Researching on Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Lecturers in Universities of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Le Hong Linh1,

1University of Foreign Trade, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Pub. Date: August 03, 2018

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Le Hong Linh. Researching on Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Lecturers in Universities of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. American Journal of Educational Research. 2018; 6(7):1056-1062. doi: 10.12691/education-6-7-26


Universities are increasingly relying on the demographically diverse workforce as the effect of globalization on competitiveness continues to exact pressure on availability of skilled lecturers. Developing a coherent human resource policy for motivating lecturers is a challenge facing universities’ leaders in Hochiminh City of Vietnam. The findings from this research indicated that professional development, salary, fringe benefit, superiors, colleagues, promotion, and work itself have a positive relationship with the lecturers’ job satisfaction, of which professional development has strongest impact and work itself has weakest influence on job satisfaction. The results also pointed out that there is a statistically significant correlation between job satisfaction and organizational commitment of the lecturers. Furthermore, the research revealed a significant relationship between job satisfaction and demographic factor. The results of the research can help universities in orienting strategic solutions for meeting the needs of lecturers, enabling them to be more dedicated and committed to the workplace of the universities.

factors lecturers job satisfaction university Hochiminh City

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