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American Journal of Educational Research. 2014, 2(11), 1044-1049
DOI: 10.12691/education-2-11-7
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Teacher Training and the Development of First Language Reading Strategies

Carla Dimitre Dias Alves1 and Maria de Nazaré Castro Trigo Coimbra1,

1Centre for Studies on Education and Training (CEEF/CeiEF), Lusófona University of Oporto, Portugal, Rua Augusto Rosa, Porto, Portugal

Pub. Date: November 05, 2014

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Carla Dimitre Dias Alves and Maria de Nazaré Castro Trigo Coimbra. Teacher Training and the Development of First Language Reading Strategies. American Journal of Educational Research. 2014; 2(11):1044-1049. doi: 10.12691/education-2-11-7


This study concerns the professional development of first language teachers, in order to improve students´ reading skills. The research analyzes the implementation of The National Programme for Portuguese Teaching (NPPT), in primary schools, as well as its influence on teacher training. It is important to determine whether teachers’ reflective practices, about reading strategies, can improve students’ reading skills, as a result of continuous professional training. The study took place in 2012, in primary schools of Oporto, Portugal, using both quantitative and qualitative data, including a questionnaire and categorical analysis of teachers’ portfolios. The results show that the NPPT Programme helped to train teachers who, by changing and innovating their practices, improved primary students’ reading skills. Furthermore, the study confirmsthat teachers need continuous training, in order to strengthen first language reading strategies and improve teaching practices, using school community resources.

teacher training The National Programme for Portuguese Teaching (NPPT) reading skills reading strategies primary schools

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