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American Journal of Educational Research. 2020, 8(7), 475-479
DOI: 10.12691/education-8-7-4
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Project Based Learning in General Chemistry to Develop the Problem-Solving and Creativity

Nguyen Ngoc Tuan1, Bui Thi Hanh2 and Tran Trung Ninh3,

1University of Information and Communication Technology, Thai Nguyen University, Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam

2Fisheries Technical Economic College, Bac Ninh province, Vietnam

3Faculty of Chemistry, Hanoi National University of Education, Ha Noi City, Vietnam

Pub. Date: July 08, 2020

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Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Bui Thi Hanh and Tran Trung Ninh. Project Based Learning in General Chemistry to Develop the Problem-Solving and Creativity. American Journal of Educational Research. 2020; 8(7):475-479. doi: 10.12691/education-8-7-4


Project Based Learning is one of the modern learning methods. However, at present there are not many project-based learning materials to develop problem-solving and creative capabilities for students of technical universities in Vietnam. Therefore, the research and application of project-based learning through the general chemistry module to develop problem-solving and creative capacity for students is very necessary. This article will be introduced the general chemistry course under the project based learning method to develop problem-solving and creative capacity for technical university students.

project based learning problem solving and creativity general chemistry technical university students

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