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Journal of Automation and Control. 2014, 2(2), 45-48
DOI: 10.12691/automation-2-2-2
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Remaining Life Assessment of Power Transformer

Sonali Mayuresh Akolkar1, and Bansidhar Eknath Kushare1

1Electrical Engineering Department, K.K.W.I.E.E. & R, Nashik, India

Pub. Date: May 19, 2014

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Sonali Mayuresh Akolkar and Bansidhar Eknath Kushare. Remaining Life Assessment of Power Transformer. Journal of Automation and Control. 2014; 2(2):45-48. doi: 10.12691/automation-2-2-2


Power Transformers are the most vital components in a sub-station / Receiving station. Failure of a Transformer leads to loss of revenue besides affecting reliability of power supply to consumers. It can lead to non-availability of the transformer for long durations. In this paper, an approach to evaluate transformer‘s aging condition is introduced based on multi-parameters. Firstly, the different types of insulations in transformers like solid insulation and liquid insulation have been discussed. Later, the ageing process of these insulations used in transformer has been illustrated in detail. Different condition monitoring techniques used for transformer are included to assess the life of insulating material. A program is developed in Visual Basic Software which is very user friendly software. Through the developed program, we can predict the remaining life of transformer. Moreover, a software system based on transformer’s electrical and thermal parameters is developed correspondingly, by using a multi- parameters analytic approach. This system is expected to help in planned maintenance of transformer on fields. This can help the utilities in making optimum use of the transformers and also taking timely decisions regarding refurbishment / replacement of transformers. Various transformer insulation properties like electrical properties, oil quality and temperature are considered in assessment of remaining life of transformer.

transformer insulation insulation aging condition monitoring dissolve gas analysis

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