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Applied Mathematics and Physics. 2014, 2(1), 15-18
DOI: 10.12691/amp-2-1-5
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A New Collocation Method for Systems of Nonlinear Fredholm Integral Equations

S.A. Edalatpanah1, and E. Abdolmaleki1

1Department of Mathematics, Tonekabon Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tonekabon, Iran

Pub. Date: January 20, 2014

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S.A. Edalatpanah and E. Abdolmaleki. A New Collocation Method for Systems of Nonlinear Fredholm Integral Equations. Applied Mathematics and Physics. 2014; 2(1):15-18. doi: 10.12691/amp-2-1-5


In this paper we present a new method for solving nonlinear Fredholm integral equations system in terms of continuous Legendre multi-wavelets on the interval [0, 1). To begin with we describe the characteristic of Legendre multi-wavelets and will go on to indicate that through this method a system of Fredholm integral equations can be reduced to an algebraic equation. Convergence analysis of this method is also presented. Finally, numerical results are given which support the theoretical results.

nonlinear Fredholm integral equation system of integral equations Legendre multi-wavelets collocation method Multiresolution of analysis (MRA) algebraic equations

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