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American Journal of Water Resources. 2014, 2(3), 71-73
DOI: 10.12691/ajwr-2-3-3
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The River Management Modelling For Ecology

Havva Ulgen Yenil1 and Tolga Taner2,

1Department of Park and Garden Plants, Vocational School of Technical Sciences, Aksaray University, Aksaray, Turkey

2Department of Motor Vehicles and Transportation, Vocational School of Technical Sciences, Aksaray University, Aksaray, Turkey

Pub. Date: July 21, 2014

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Havva Ulgen Yenil and Tolga Taner. The River Management Modelling For Ecology. American Journal of Water Resources. 2014; 2(3):71-73. doi: 10.12691/ajwr-2-3-3


In this study, the river management modelling was analysed based on ecology at a critical approach. Our laws and legal arrangements that are one of the significant water resources, affect our river management. This modelling obtains these laws and legal arrangement’s effective and problems. These problems create to ensure ecological sustainability. So, we used SWOT analysis for the existing laws and institutions. Also we discussed the methodological approaches that the protection of nature is important taking a decision and runtime for the place of the institutional structuring. The river management modelling develops for our country from taking the European Water Framework Directive’s knowledge. In addition, to ensure the monitoring of ecological criteria which constitutes important basis for planning of watershed, vegetation, aquatic wildlife and coastal land use systematic recommendations have been created. Development of the river management and application can be settled in our country. The river management is also important for our energy about natural life and transportation.

river management ecology energy SWOT analysis water

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