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American Journal of Vehicle Design. 2013, 1(1), 9-15
DOI: 10.12691/ajvd-1-1-2
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Investigation in Adjusting the Parameters of a Diesel Engine Converted to Forced Aspiration Gas Engine

Rachid Maamri1, , Fedor Ivanovitsh Abramtshuk2, Alexandre Nikolaevitsh Kabanov2, Mekhael Sergeevitsh Lipinsky2, Yves Dubé1, Lotfi Toubal1 and Agbossou Kodjo3

1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Quebec University in Trois Rivières, Trois Rivières, Canada

2Department of Internal Combustion Engines, Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University, Kharkov, Ukraine

3Department of Electrical and Computer, Quebec University in Trois Rivières, Trois Rivières, Canada

Pub. Date: July 31, 2013

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Rachid Maamri, Fedor Ivanovitsh Abramtshuk, Alexandre Nikolaevitsh Kabanov, Mekhael Sergeevitsh Lipinsky, Yves Dubé, Lotfi Toubal and Agbossou Kodjo. Investigation in Adjusting the Parameters of a Diesel Engine Converted to Forced Aspiration Gas Engine. American Journal of Vehicle Design. 2013; 1(1):9-15. doi: 10.12691/ajvd-1-1-2


Many cities and countries today have programs to convert older, polluting diesel transit buses and trucks to run on clean, economical natural gas. Properly implemented, this is an excellent way to quickly reduce fuel costs, clean up the air and reduce noise with minimum capital costs. A poorly executed conversion program, however, can lead to higher exhaust emissions, much higher fuel consumption, unacceptable power losses, poor durability and high maintenance costs. This article gives the results of our investigation of a forced aspiration gas engine 6GCHN13/14 converted from diesel. The mathematical model of the combustion process specified for the gas engine uses a variable Wiebe combustion factor. Use of the developed characteristic maps has shown improvement of engine power indicators in comparison with that of a naturally aspirated engine, as well as a decrease in average operational emissions with the use of adjustable forced aspiration.

combustion wiebe combustion factor mathematical model natural gas engine mapping

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