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American Journal of Public Health Research. 2015, 3(5A), 144-147
DOI: 10.12691/ajphr-3-5A-31
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Clinical and Histopathological Study of Struma Ovarii: A Rare Ovarian Tumor

Dilasma Ghartimagar1, , Arnab Ghosh1, Manish Kiran Shrestha2, Sushma Thapa1, Tilottama Prasad1, Raghavan Narasimhan1 and O P Talwar1

1Department of Pathology, Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara, Nepal

2Department of Radiology, Gandaki Medical College, Pokhara, Nepal

Pub. Date: October 28, 2015
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Health Scenario 2015; Millennium Development Goals)

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Dilasma Ghartimagar, Arnab Ghosh, Manish Kiran Shrestha, Sushma Thapa, Tilottama Prasad, Raghavan Narasimhan and O P Talwar. Clinical and Histopathological Study of Struma Ovarii: A Rare Ovarian Tumor. American Journal of Public Health Research. 2015; 3(5A):144-147. doi: 10.12691/ajphr-3-5A-31


Struma ovarii or monodermal teratoma is a specialized ovarian neoplasm which mainly constitutes mature thyroid tissue. It is a rare tumor which comprises 1% of all ovarian tumors and 2.7% of all dermoid tumors. Thyroid tissue can be observed in 5-15% of dermoid tumors but to designate the tumor as struma ovarii, it must comprise more than 50% of the ovarian tissue. This study was conducted in the Department of Pathology, Manipal Teaching Hospital in Pokhara, Nepal over a period of 10 years (Jan 2006 to Sep 2015). Age, clinical findings, pre-operative imaging diagnosis, size and side of the tumor, gross and microscopic findings along with type of surgery performed are included in the study. During this 10 years period, there were 7 cases of struma ovarii with age ranging from 26 to 56 years. 3 cases had tumor on the right and 3 cases had tumor on the left side while 1 case had bilateral struma ovarii. Initial presenting symptom was palpable mass, abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. The size of the tumor ranged from 4 to 15 cm. The capsule was smooth and cut surface shows multiloculated cyst filled with greenish to pale brown gelatinous thick fluid. Microscopic examination revealed well encapsulated tumor composed entirely of thyroid follicles. Diagnoses of struma ovarii were made in all cases. The preoperative imaging may not exactly give the diagnosis. Clinically, lesser age group was more affected and left side is more commonly involved in our series, in contrary to other literature. Out of 7 cases, bilateral struma ovarii was seen in 1 patient. No malignant features were seen in any of these cases.

monodermal teratoma ovarian tumor struma ovarii

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