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American Journal of Numerical Analysis. 2015, 3(1), 25-29
DOI: 10.12691/ajna-3-1-4
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Initial Value Method Extended for General Singular Perturbation Problems

Loka Pavani1 and Y. N. Reddy2,

1Department of Mathematics, Osmania University College For Women, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

2Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology, Warangal, Telangana, India

Pub. Date: March 17, 2015

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Loka Pavani and Y. N. Reddy. Initial Value Method Extended for General Singular Perturbation Problems. American Journal of Numerical Analysis. 2015; 3(1):25-29. doi: 10.12691/ajna-3-1-4


In this paper the initial value method is extended for solving singularly perturbed two point boundary value problems with internal and terminal layers. It is distinguished by the following fact: The given singularly perturbed boundary value problem is replaced by two first order initial value problems. These first order problems are solved using Runge Kutta method. Model example for each is solved to demonstrate the applicability of the method.

singular perturbations internal layer two layers initial value method

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