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American Journal of Mechanical Engineering. 2014, 2(7), 199-203
DOI: 10.12691/ajme-2-7-6
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Some Methods of Analysis of Chaos in Mechanical Systems

Peter Sivák1, , Ingrid Delyová1, Jozef Bocko1 and Juraj Šarloši1

1Department of Applied Mechanics and Mechatronics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical university of Košice, Košice, Slovakia

Pub. Date: October 07, 2014

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Peter Sivák, Ingrid Delyová, Jozef Bocko and Juraj Šarloši. Some Methods of Analysis of Chaos in Mechanical Systems. American Journal of Mechanical Engineering. 2014; 2(7):199-203. doi: 10.12691/ajme-2-7-6


Solution of non-linear dynamic systems is dependent on exact knowledge of the initial conditions. Even a slight deviation of these values can cause substantial change in the overall course of the event. It then appears chaotic. Development of such dynamic system can be represented using abstract phase space through attractors, fractals, etc. A typical example is Lorenz attractor, which is in a three-dimensional view shaped as two intertwined spirals. Rössler attractor is a relatively simple system on which chaos in geometric form can be shown in a time sequence. Among the non-traditional oscillators in non-linear mechanics can be classified Duffing and Van der Pol oscillators. This paper shows an example of a chaotic attractor formed in a non-periodic mode, obtained in an experiment of water dripping from an unclosed valve.

dynamic system chaos theory chaotic behavior attractor

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