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American Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2014, 2(2), 32-34
DOI: 10.12691/ajmcr-2-2-1
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Pernicious Anemia: Non – Gastroscopic Diagnosis of Autoimmune Atrophic Gastritis with Positive Serological Marker

Shazia Yasir1, , Komal Owais1, Faisal Moin2, Mahmud Z. Jilani3, Ejaz Ahmad Vohra4 and Abdul Ghani1

1ER Physician (PG) Ziauddin University

2Consultant Emergency Department Ziauddin University

3Head of Emergency Department Ziauddin University

4Dean, postgraduate (Clinical) Ziauddin University

Pub. Date: February 21, 2014

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Shazia Yasir, Komal Owais, Faisal Moin, Mahmud Z. Jilani, Ejaz Ahmad Vohra and Abdul Ghani. Pernicious Anemia: Non – Gastroscopic Diagnosis of Autoimmune Atrophic Gastritis with Positive Serological Marker. American Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2014; 2(2):32-34. doi: 10.12691/ajmcr-2-2-1


For the last many decades pernicious anemia has been treated as a separate clinical feature. Pernicious anemia is also known as macrocytic anemia which originates due to the lack of vitamin B12 (cobalamin). A protein called intrinsic factor which helps vitamin B12 for its absorption through terminal ileum so, the deficiency of intrinsic factor result in a lack of vitamin B12 absorption, which, in turn, causes pernicious anemia. The gastric parietal cell normally produces chlorhydric acid and intrinsic factor. Atrophic body gastritis (ABG) is a condition which cause the destruction of the oxyntic mucosa and the reduction of the parietal cell hence result in the deficiency of intrinsic factor . Pernicious anemia can present in many different clinical patterns like fatigue (tiredness), headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, pale or yellowish skin, coldness in your hands and feet, and chest pain. Presentation of Case: We report a case of a 55 year old male who presented with one month history of fatigue ness, dizziness, abdominal pain and short of breath on exertion. On further investigation, it is turnout to be atrophic gastritis which is treated conservatively.

pernicious anemia autoimmune atrophic gastritis intrinsic factor antibodies antinuclear antibodies

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